IT Services


Benisoft is India’s Pioneer in IT Services some of them are listed below

INFRASTRUCTURE :Technology infrastructure such as load balancers and firewalls. Services may offer support, management and self-service tools for configuring and operating infrastructure.

Computing :Computing resources such as a cloud computing platform that includes management of data centers and self service tools for deploying, scaling and monitoring computing.

Software :Software applications that are fully operated, managed and supported by the provider.

Platforms :Platforms for developing, deploying and managing custom applications and systems.

APIs :Services that can be used to extend the functionality of code. For example, an API that a mobile app can use to verify the identity of a user.

Networks :Network services such as a wifi service at an office or public location that is fully supported and managed by a telecom company.

Data Storage :Storage of files and objects such as a cloud storage service.

Data Synchronization :Synchronization of data across devices such as a service that syncs your contacts and photos on your mobile and home devices.

Databases :Storage of data such as a cloud database service.

Data :Services that provide data itself such as market data.

Analytics :Services that visualize data for human consumption.

Content Management :Content management tools that allow you to organize, control and share content and documents.

Content Delivery :Platforms for publishing content such as a content delivery network that automatically distributes your content to multiple data centers to serve users from a data center that is close to them.

Transaction Processing :Platforms that process business transactions such as a payments platform.

Workflow :Services that allow you to semi-automate custom business processes that include human tasks.

Process Automation :Managed tools for automating work such as a platform for developing and deploying bots.

Event Processing :Services for managing events. For example, a tool that can create an incident ticket based on an error in a log.

Monitoring :Tools for monitoring technologies and business processes.

Information Security :Information security services such as a proxy that blocks suspicious requests to a service.

Mobile :Mobile applications such as a navigation service.

Mobile Platforms :Platforms for developing and operating mobile services.

Search :Search services such as an internet search engine or a search tool for your knowledge repositories.

Office Productivity :Basic productivity tools such as a cloud-based word processor.

Communications :Communication services such as voice, messaging, email, document sharing and virtual environments.

Games :Game environments that are fully managed by the provider. For example, a cloud-based virtual world.

Workspaces :Environments for productivity such as a virtual desktop environment.

Development Environments :Environments for developing software.

Business Automation :Services that offer business functionality such as a marketing automation platform that can purchase digital advertising, optimize offers and score leads.

Robotics :Information technology services potential extend to machines that can automate physical work. For example, a solar panel management platform that orchestrates cleaning and remote repair of solar modules.

Internet of Things :Physical things that are managed and supported by software services. For example, a jet engine that is monitored for safety and performance by the manufacturer.

Artificial Intelligence :Platforms for machine learning.